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Music Video: Hold Kick

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Music Video: Hold Kick

Throwback post. Reposted on the featured slider in April of 2016 to put an emphasis on the subject. This really is some awesome hardcore crossover with a great video that has a positive feel. The level of professionalism in the Slavic countries as well as the great stuff coming out of Germany [...]


2 videos posted here from Colombia`s K.O. Patria. I first heard their demo a few years ago and being a fan of female vocals I really liked it. Posted here are two promo videos. The first is a brand new video for the the song Nueva Sangre. The second is for a [...]

Requiem For A Dream

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Requiem For A Dream

This song was written as a tribute the memory of the Greek comrades killed the 1st of November.       Was a warm November Friday, we’d bet an ordinary one, hard work to fulfill in the morning before meeting the comrades when the sun goes down It is known that times [...]

Aggro Knuckle New & Live

Two videos posted here from Japanese Oi!/ RAC band Aggro Knuckle. The first is a new song from their split with Bound For Glory and also appears on their new cd Dressed In Black. The second video is a great live video with the songs Manipulator, We Stand Alone and I Don`t [...]

One Family!

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One Family!

Posted is a song from the new Brainwash cd released by OPOS Records. We dedicate it to our friends and supporters worldwide. One Family! Lyrics: One Family Family has the highest value Always stands by you Gives you strength and backs you up Will support you in your fight And will never [...]



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