The Ancestral Cult of the Dead

The Ancestral Cult of the Dead Via Operation Werewolf “Use the day, and the season as one in which to truly give honor to them (your ancestors) with your actions. Create household traditions with friends and family, or discover your people’s ancient practices, and make them green and living once more. Feel [...]

Self Improvement Challenge

Self Improvement Challenge For Next Week The line “Victory through introverted improvement” is taken from the Blue Eyed Devils song Stand Strong. I also remember reading an interview with Bob from BED where he went into this philosophy and it has kind of stuck with me ever since. Basically it is the [...]

Never Give Up

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Never Give Up

PPDM X Straight Edge X Father Frost Mode “When everything goes very difficult, everything turns against you and it seems that you have no strength to endure any more second, NEVER GIVE UP – that is exactly the turning point in fight.”  

The Power Of Words

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The Power Of Words

What is a word? It is a group of letters put together that designates something. The way they are used can also designate a certain power to them. Today, words have become more powerful then ever… Or have they? You see stories of people in colleges crying, screaming, and running to safe [...]

Father Frost Summer Program 2016

Father Frost Summer Program 2016     “In the modern world many people feel that they have the freedom to do whatever they wish. But most often, people confuse freedom with permissiveness. Freedom to develop body and spirit is often confused with the freedom to choose between one alcoholic drink, and others. [...]



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