The Single Most Important Viking Trait

Via The Single Most Important Viking Trait Looking at modern man, I am often saddened by how weak he has become. I’m not talking about the physical abilities of today’s male population or the fact that today’s young, male generation has a dangerously low testosterone level, although that is a problem [...]

Whether with Pen or Sword

Via The Revolutionary Conservative Whether with Pen or Sword: Full Article Here “Every ending is a new beginning. As the tales of the word-weavers unravel ~ and unravel they will ~ take those threads and weave anew the fabric of the universe. Turn their words upside down and shake out the truth. [...]

Quotes: Alan Odinson

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Quotes: Alan Odinson

Quotes: Alan Odinson / The Barbarian Lounge Podcast “In high school, being “too cool to care” was an edgy thing. As an adult though, it just looks like a form of escapism and laziness on your part. The workings of the world and dealing with it’s nuances ensure the future for your [...]

The Mind of the Kshatriya Part 2

Operation Werewolf The Mind of the Kshatriya Part 2 Complete Article Here Exercising literally makes you smarter than those who don’t. Article from Paul Waggener discussing the effects of intense exercise on the brain. “As individuals who are engaged in a lifelong endeavor to make our bodies a temple housing the smokeless [...]

Quotes: Sergey Kovalev

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Quotes: Sergey Kovalev

Quotes: Sergey Kovalev Fight with a smile, live with a smile Proven: positive-minded people are more successful in life. Plus, your smile is so inconvenient to those who wish you failed. Don’t give them any reasons to be happy. Let them keep a face like this Деритесь с улыбкой, живите с улыбкой. [...]



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