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Lyrics: Fear Rains Down- The Calling

Lyrics are from the song The Calling. This song is on the new Fear Rains Down cd titled Still Not Dead. In stock at Label 56 here The Calling You live your life how you want And you think that you are free You only respond to a call Surrounding you ubiquitously [...]

One Family!

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One Family!

Posted is a song from the new Brainwash cd released by OPOS Records. We dedicate it to our friends and supporters worldwide. One Family! Lyrics: One Family Family has the highest value Always stands by you Gives you strength and backs you up Will support you in your fight And will never [...]

Lyrics: Across The Hudson- H.A.D. (Updated)

Throwback Post. Reposted on the featured slider in April of 2016 as it relates to the current commie and sjw protests occuring nationally.  The lyrics posted below are from the ‘Our Side Of The Story’ cd by New Jersey`s Across the Hudson. The first thing that captures your attention about this cd [...]

Lyrics: Skrewdriver Warlord Cd

One of my favorite Skrewdriver cd`s is easily Warlord both musically and lyrically. As for Skrewdriver as a whole,  I`ve always said that Ian Stuart`s lyrics were ingenious. For the most part they are lyrics that address political and social issues as well as honor the history of our people, but they [...]

96 Brigade Lyrics- Condemned

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96 Brigade Lyrics- Condemned

Below are the lyrics to the song Condemned from the new 96 Brigade cd titled Revolution For Dummies Condemned Never been one to fit in, always stood out in a crowd never been one to joke with anyone standing around never been the ones to fake what we believe in and what [...]

Saga Lyrics

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Saga Lyrics

The lyrics below are from two songs off the Saga cd On My Own. This is a great cd composed entirely by Saga herself (which is where the name On My Own comes from). The music is something fairly original in our music scene as it is based mostly around the piano [...]

Voice Of Justice Lyrics- Suicide In Slow Motion

The lyrics below are from the Voice Of Justice cd Eruption of Hate. and are about how corporate entities profit off of what is basically a slow suicide. Suicide In Slow Motion Mp3 Here All around me it`s a sad sight I see People poisoning their bodies Each cigarette brings them closer [...]

Teardown Lyrics- Rejected

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Teardown Lyrics- Rejected

Society is sick. It`s pretty evident to anyone who has not become poisoned by it. I see it every day. Normally I just go about my business but from time to time it really gets to me seeing people with potential throw their lives away. When I was younger I was a [...]



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