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Fear Rains Down Interview

Radio Autonom recently did an interview with hardcore band Fear Rains Down. In this interview they discuss among other things how 4 members from different parts of the world contribute and record. They also discuss some politics as well as the Straight Edge lifesyle. Check it out here

Arghoslent Interview

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Arghoslent Interview

Below is an interview with controversial death metal band Arghoslent. It has been reposted below from the Uprise Direct Blog. I have to say I have seen Arghoslentplay live several times including once here in Baltimore, and they put on a great show. As their shows are few and far between, if [...]

Kroda: Witch-hunt and holy inquisition?!

The statement below is from the Pagan metal band Kroda who are from the Ukraine. Their music revolves around the celebration of ancient European cultures and traditions and the pre Christian (Pagan) religion of our ancestors. Last week they were cowardly attacked by people who have no respect for European culture and [...]

Nokturnal Mortum Interview

As with every Sunday, Uprise Direct posts an interview with a different band. This week they have posted one with black metal band Nokturnal Mortum. You can check it out here Also remember to check their site every Wednesday for “Rick`s Pick”, which is my choice of top cd`s for the week.



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