Cultural Change through Music & Activism
7th Annual Leif Erikson Day Celebration

Full Report Including Video and Speech Text Here Since 2007 we have gathered at Fairmount Park, annually, to celebrate Leif Erikson Day.  This year, things were no different.  For the last several years, Anarcho-Communist protestors have vowed to stop the event in the process, and even prevent the celebration altogether; and once [...]

Closing Ceremony of Thermopylae 2013

Thousands of Greek nationalists from every corner of the country were found this year at Thermopylae to commemorate the great heroes of the Greeks. A ceremony was held in memory of the eternal field of sacrifice and the values attributed to their ancestors. A vow was made to  renew their commitment to [...]

NPI Conference: After The Fall, The Future Of Identity

Complete list of speakers and info here Facebook page here Throughout Europe and North America, nations are experiencing what can best be described as bankruptcy—economic, social, moral, and cultural. Moreover, the identity of “the West” that was promoted over the past half-century—”democratic,” “tolerant,” “liberal”—has begun to crack and splinter under the pressure [...]

Dymtro RIP: Memorial Banners

In an act of solidarity with CasaPound members who were recently arrested, Dmytro , a 23 years old from Lviv (Ukraine)  was killed when he was struck by a train while hanging support banners. We share the pain of his brothers and his family. Memorial banners have been placed throughout Europe. Ascoli [...]

Hardbass Bolzano

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Hardbass Bolzano

Below is a new activism video from the Bolzano Blocco Studentesco (Student Block). In it they use the to the Hardbass style to distribute flyers throughout the city. *Hardbass is a combination of electronic music and dance. It originated in Ukraine and Russia, where people belonging to the group sXe (Straight Edge) [...]



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