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Hungarica- Blitzkrieg

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Hungarica- Blitzkrieg

Heavy RAC / metal from Hungary     Tracklist 01 Toborzó – Kossuth Nóta 02 Blitzkrieg 03 Szabadság 04 Büszkén Szól 05 Az Út Maga A Cél 06 Nem Kapsz Kulcsot 07 Csak Te Vagy Velem 08 Hordom A Keresztedet 09 Blitzkrieg 10 Wolność 11 Lance Do Boju 12 Sama Droga Jest [...]

Doc Evil / Strong Blossom- Japan Vs Australia

Split RAC / Oi! release featuring bands from Australia and Japan     Tracklist Doc Evil: 01 No Room For Rock Stars 02 Crate Edge 03 Section 32 04 The Man Who Cried Wolf 05 Who’s The Boss 06 Disconnect Strong Blossom: 07 純真な思ひ (Jyunshin-Na-Omoi) 08 確たる己 (Kaku-Taru-Onore) 09 日々を笑い行け (Hibi-Wo-Warai-Yuke) 10 [...]

Boots On The Street Vol. 1 Compilation

Great compilation featuring four different Oi! bands from different parts of the world. Each band has it`s own style and this cd offers songs done in traditional British Oi! to a harder aggressive styled Oi! The songs on this cd are previously unreleased and the cd includes an 8 page booklet with [...]

Omerta- Litosc Jest Zbrodnia

RAC / Hardcore / Oi! mix with some nice guitar work! Solo project from Legion Twwierdy Wroclaw`s original vocalist     Tracklist: 01 Litość Jest Zbrodnią 02 Bandycki Los 03 Pięści Jak Kamień 04 Ring Of Fire 05 Powiesić Ich Wysoko 06 Kanalia 07 ACAB 08 Prawo Zemsty 09 Pakt Z Diabłem [...]

Brassic- Voice Of Freedom

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Brassic- Voice Of Freedom

Excellent pro American Oi! Brassic were one of the best newer bands in the genre to come out since Arresting Officers!     Tracklist 01. Infestation 02. Warriors 03. Pride 04. Fuck L. A. 05. Hated & Proud 06. Fight To Win 07. Evil Has Landed (Arresting Officers) 08. Time For Change [...]

Contra Boys – Podziemne Miasto

Hooligan rock project of Adam from Konkwista88, Frankenstein, S.O.L. and more) Mid paced tempo with a rather mainstream sound. Easily something you could hear on an alternative rock radio station.     Tracklist 01. Iskra 02. Życie w stresie 03. Podziemne Miasto 04. Nienawidze Polityki 05. Alter Ego 06. Pzpn 07. Krok [...]

Kontratak- Walcz dla Europy

Upbeat RAC Tracklist: 01 Wykuci W Ogniu 02 Chwała Tym… 03 Do Końca Będziesz Parł 04 Grudzień 81 05 Ród, Naród, Rodzina 06 Prowadź Nas Orle 07 Broń Europę 08 Kiedy Wrócę 09 Powstańcy Śląscy 10 Berserker 11 Jedna Szansa, Jeden Cel 12 W Imię Zasad 13 Na Znak Peruna 14 Ostatni [...]

Social Justice Pageants

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Social Justice Pageants

Music & News For The Culture War Social Justice Pageants After the recent social justice pageants in which diversity was pushed to the side in favor of black women being the winners in every single one, a tweet came across my feed stating – “Social Justice pageants. Wait a few years – [...]

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