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Cult Of Hatred- Times Of Darkness

*Restocked New band from Sweden with some well played music. It`s classified as heavy metal by the record label but there are plenty of parts, especially the choruses with distinct vocals, that reminds me a lot of the old Swedish band Pig Killer. A very good cd overall that comes with a [...]

Queiron- The Shepherd of Tophet

Long running Brazilian death metal band with blasting beats and a raw sound!     Tracklist 01 Ordo Iconoklastic Rebellis 02 The Stench ov Sacrifice 03 Sodomiticvm per Conclave 04 Divine Serpents Breed 05 Perversion in Khaoz 06 Everlast Carnage in Fire 07 Templvm Perversvm 08 Slavgther Ministry 09 Vnder the Mvrderous [...]

Facebook Refuses To Remove All Conspiracy Theory Pages

Music & News For The Culture War Facebook Refuses To Remove All Conspiracy Theory Pages A recent post from MSNBC on Facebook stated that facebook had removed hundreds of pro Trump “conspiracy theory sites”. It`s unclear why they haven`t removed the msnbc’s and cnn’s that have been pushing the Russia and Ukraine [...]

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