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Green Arrows Interview December 2019

Green Arrows Interview (December 2019)  By Matthew Ryan     To say Green Arrows is just a hardcore band based out of Italy would be a mighty disservice to these fine gentleman. I was late to the Green Arrows party unfortunately. I asked Rick at Label56 to recommend some good hardcore and [...]

Funeral Nation- The Benediction

Oldschool thrash with a harder edge     Tracklist 01 Visions Of Hypocrisy 02 Encased In Glass 03 Benediction Of Faith 04 The Apocalypse 05 Maniac Bonus Tracks 06 Visions Of Hypocrisy (Live) 07 Encased In Glass (Live) 08 Benediction Of Faith (Live) 09 The Apocalypse (Live) 10 Maniac (Live)     [...]

Funeral Nation- Second Coming

Oldschool thrash with a harder edge. This is the combined cd version of 1992 ” The Benediction ” demo and the unreleased 1997 ” Deceiver ” demo. Tracklist 01 Resurrection 02 Works Of Fire 03 False Prophecies 04 Deceiver 05 See’r 06 Eyes Of Christ 07 Visions Of Hypocrisy 08 Encased In [...]

Les Vilains- The Best Of: 1997-2010

Very well produced double cd digipak with booklet on the bands history and more Tracklist The Best Of: 1997-2010 1-1     Nous Serons Toujours Là (7″ Version) 1-2     Skinhead Family 1-3     Justice De Rats (7″ Version) 1-4     Jet Set Skinhead 1-5     Politiquement Incorrect 1-6     La Loi Du [...]

Adam & Olaf- Ziemia Wiecznych Prawd

Polish RAC / Ballads Tracklist 1 Ojczyzna Orlich Gniazd (Fatherland Of Eagles’ Nests) 2 Czas Konającej Krwi (Time Of Dying Blood) 3 Burza Obcych Wpływów (Storm Of Foreign Influences) 4 Tu Jest Biały Kraj (Here Is White Country) 5 Ziemia Wiecznych Prawd (The Land Of Eternal Truths) 6 Wierność Ziemi Jest Nadzieją [...]

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