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Media Double Standards: Antifa Vs. MAGA Hat Kid

Music & News For The Culture War Media Double Standards: Antifa Vs. MAGA Hat Kid Because this got little to no attention and disappeared quick. Via Far Left Watch: Who was more vilified by the media? a.) The high school student who smirked at a Native American man. b.) The armed militia [...]

Havocum- Satan`s Apogeum

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Havocum- Satan`s Apogeum

Limited edition Polish black metal release. 4 tracks but almost 20 minutes of music. This is a brand new cd but the cover has a slit in it. Pic below. Price is reduced     Tracklist 1 Nihil 2 Hyperboreans 3 Usurper/ Succumb To Havocum 4 Iniquity Genuine  

Truvor / Jedem Das Seine / O.I.E.- By Hardened Steel

Heavy RAC / metal / hardcore split Tracklist Truvor 01. Братский Союз (Fraternal Union) 02. Сила Урала (The strength of the Urals) 03. Великая Слава Руси (Great Glory of Russ’) 04. Славян Родные Поколения (Native generations of Slavs) Jedem Das Seine 05. Голос Крови (Voice of Blood) 06. Трезвое Сопротивление (Sober resistance) [...]

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