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Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 7/2/19

Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 7/2/19 Morning news brief discussing censorship, Trump`s court appointees & the Supreme Court decision, the Wayfair boycott & fake democrat outrage, voting and more. Listen Here Related Articles Our Podcasts Discussing Censorship & The Financial Terrorism Of Activists. Part 1 Here. Part 2 [...]

The Dancing Cortez & Media Manipulation

It`s never been more apparent then since the election of President Trump, that the majority of mass media is in fact the propaganda arm of the democrat party. One of mass media and the left`s newest democrat darlings is New York`s election mistake that put an economically illiterate radical socialist in congress. [...]

Dat Legacy: Food Stamp Use Up Under Obama

I’m sure he’s disappointed he wasn’t able to reach Venezuela’s level of socialism, but this wasn’t too bad especially when “he had the republican controlled congress hampering everything he wanted to do”. #DatLegacy #ObamasAmerica Under Obama, 10.7 Million More Use Food Stamps—A 32 Percent Jump As President Obama prepares to leave office, [...]

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