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Leftist Double Standards On Women`s Suffrage

Music & News For The Culture War Leftist Double Standards On Women`s Suffrage Democrats: Wear white to #SOTU to protest women’s suffrage. Also democrats: Create and celebrate art upholding women’s suffrage. The story: A new “art” exhibit at a Washington museum titled “Ivanka Vacuuming” consists of an Ivanka Trump lookalike vacuuming a [...]

Another Transgendered Goes On A Violent Rampage

I`m sure by now everyone has seen the video of the transgender who went on a violent rampage in a Game Stop after being called sir, his biological pronoun. If you haven`t seen it, it`s posted below. The radical left and those who base their opinions on emotion over reality will say [...]

Believe Survivors: Kavanaugh Accuser Admits She Lied

A woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of rape has now been referred to the Justice Department for criminal charges after admitting she has never even met him. This is why the rush to judgement and the entire unequivocal demand to #BelieveSurvivors / #BelieveWomen that the media and the left pushed was so [...]

Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 9- 20 -18

Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 9-20-18 Topics include declassification of text messages surrounding the Russia investigation, the Brett Kavanaugh nomination and the lefts double standards on assault and more Listen Here Related Articles: FBI agent Strzok reportedly texted ‘we’ll stop’ Trump from becoming president Strzok-Page texts on ‘media [...]

Sadiq Khan Bikini Blimp To Be Flown Over London

Last month a bunch of triggered snowflakes flew a balloon of President Trump in a diaper outside of Parliament Square in London. The reason they did so- because they are more concerned with emotion rather than logic. In short, President Trump hurts their feelings. In the mean time, as they are protesting [...]

Womanhood Is Not A Costume

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Womanhood Is Not A Costume

Ed Note: A lot of these posts are to call out double standards in the alt left’s ideology. In actuality it is really not our concern what other people do or how they live their life as long as they are not hurting someone else. If you want to play make believe [...]

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