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Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 8/23/19

  Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 8/23/19 Morning news brief discussing the psyop mass media is running on the American people and how they are manipulating current events to push an anti Constitutional agenda. Listen Here Related Articles Another Mass Shooting, Another Psychiatric Drug Of 27 Deadliest Mass [...]

Psyops, Narratives & Perspective

Music & News For The Culture War Psyops, Narratives & Perspective As stated in a previous post here, mass media is running a psyop and setting a narrative. This is a constantly running theme in the Mockingbird Media. They jump on a story before facts are set in stone and push a [...]

The Daily Caller Unmasks Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, Antifa Member Who Pushed Violent Agenda Anonymously

Excerpt from The Daily Caller. Read the entire article here Editor’s note: The subject of this story is being identified because he’s pushed radical rhetoric and has advocated for politically-motivated violence from behind a mask. The Daily Caller News Foundation does not and will not publish truly private information such as home [...]

The Violent Left: Professor Says Senators Need To Be Harassed In Restaurants. Stick Your Fingers In Their Salad & Take Their Food

Another day another college professor calls for aggression against Republicans. This time it`s from James Thomas, an assistant professor of Sociology at the University Of Mississippi who tweeted that senator`s do not deserve your civility. While not naming Republican`s specifically, Thomas has expressed his support for democratic socialism, leaving no doubt which [...]

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