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Big Tech Censorship: Info Wars Banned

The big tech companies have banned Alex Jones from their platforms all within 24 hours. This was collusion. A post here in which Tucker Carlson explains how having such a small concentrated number of big tech outlets controlling social media is a danger to free speech  

Why Won`t David Hogg Debate His Peers?

Anti 2nd Amendment antagonist and system tool David Hogg has been challenged by several of his peers to a debate, yet has failed to take them up. Kyle Kashuv, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student that mass media is blacking out, has been very vocal in his defense of the 2nd Amendment [...]

The Racism Of Democrats

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The Racism Of Democrats

As we stated in a previous post here, “The democrat party is traditionally the slave party. Their tactics have changed but still today they keep minorities in poverty and slavery to the system. The game is to give them just enough to keep them voting democrat and blame republicans for them not [...]

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