Mean Girls. World Leaders Gossiping About Trump?

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Mean Girls. World Leaders Gossiping About Trump?

The latest so called news story from the democrat propaganda machine known as mass media is a story from the NATO summit where several world leaders including Justin Trudeau are filmed as they are standing around talking. The context is unclear and no one really knows what they are talking about, however the democrat propaganda machine known as mass media declared that they were making fun of President Trump. If this is the case it would mean that the media has relegated these world leaders to nothing more than a group of gossiping teenage girls talking behind the President`s back. In other words, they are The Mean Girls. While using this story to try and insult President Trump on the world stage, what mass media really did in fact is that they have insulted these world leaders by relegating them to a bunch of two faced cowards. As a side note, it is kind of funny because Justin Trudeau has actually worn two faces :D   But anyway, while reveling in the cowardice of these gossiping Mean Girl world leaders, mass media has shown what kind of standards they hold. The real difference between a bunch of Mean Girls and President Trump is that Trump calls them out to their faces.

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