CJ Pearson Launches Last Hope USA to Fight Indoctrination in Schools

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CJ Pearson Launches Last Hope USA to Fight Indoctrination in Schools

You`ve heard the phrase- “The long march through the institutions,”, a phrase that was coined by radical left German student activist Rudi Dutschke. It is a phrase that defined the agenda for communists and socialists to infiltrate schools and colleges in order to subvert Western civilization through the slow and steady indoctrination of those going through the education system. The Frankfurt School (documentary here) is the most prominent and documented example of this agenda. Last week CJ Pearson announced a new non profit to counter the left wing agenda in our education system and launched a new non profit under the name Last Hope USA. He says thatOver the course of my high school career, I’ve witnessed firsthand the pervasive liberal indoctrination that exists within our schools. It’s time for conservatives to fight back and I’m founding @lasthopeusa to do just that.” This really is a long overdue project and it`s great to see that despite this attempted indoctrination that some in the the younger generations are not only not buying into it but actively fighting back against it. Activism like this is what is needed to turn the tides back in this country.

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