17 Significant Errors In The FISA Application But No Evidence Of Bias?

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17 Significant Errors In The FISA Application But No Evidence Of Bias?

It`s finally out. The DOJ Inspector General`s report into the Trump surveillance campaign was released last week. Mass media and the “resistance” are celebrating that he report states that- in his opinion there was no evidence of bias predicating the filing. I`m not sure what all he reviewed but when you have people involved in the investigation texting each other that they will stop Trump from being President, then in my opinion you have a pretty good basis for bias. Again, not knowing what evidence was reviewed, all I can do is give my opinion on his findings. I can note however that IG Horowitz specifically said during the hearing that bias cannot be ruled out, it just wasn`t something he couldn`t make a decision on based on what he reviewed.

Another significant finding is that the IG report states that there were 17 significant errors or omissions taken in the filing of the Carter Page FISA application, which was what was used to spy on the Trump campaign. Why else would they falsify things in order to justify what they were doing unless they wanted to take him down? And keep in mind that the “resistance” has been saying that he will be impeached before he even took office. Not only that, but they are saying they will impeach him again if he wins in 2020. But yet they say there`s no bias there. Again- 17 significant errors or omissions including fraudulent statements, lies, the exclusion of exculpatory evidence, which as Dan Bongino said in a recent podcast- They reversed engineered a crime. If it came out that this were how the Baltimore City cops set up an investigation in an effort to arrest one of Baltimore’s black residents the aclu, the left, mass media, etc would be up in arms.




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