Meme Alert: Ambassadors Removed

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Meme Alert: Ambassadors Removed

I`ve got to say, the last kangaroo court impeachment inquiry hearing was as painful as watching a therapy session of the Dr Phil show. The democrat questioning focused mostly on Marie Yovanovitch, her firing, and how it made her feel, because as always- the left operates on emotion over reality. What did go unmentioned by the majority of mass media was that like the previous 2 witnesses, Yovanovitch admitted that she had no information about Trump committing any kind of bribery or crime. Perhaps that was why Adam Schiff interrupted the hearing to tell Yovanovitch that President Trump was currently tweeting “mean things” about her. Knowing that Yovanovitch had no way of knowing that these “mean tweets” were taking place as she was in the middle of a hearing, Schiff then went on to claim (without a foundation) that this was witness intimidation. But I guess when you know your Ukraine hoax hearing is tanking you throw “witness intimidation” against the wall as your next hoax to see if it sticks.

What was curiously left out of most mass media reports complaining that Trump fired her was that in 2008 when Obama took office that he fired all of Bush`s ambassadors. Another curious omission was that she admitted that Ukraine was a very corrupt country with all the power and money being held in the hands of 6 or 7 people. She also admitted that Trump`s concerns into this corruption was legitimized when she stated that a probe between Barisma and Biden was started under Obama`s administration.

In closing, as you sat there watching Yovanovitch and the democrats go through her feelings and how bad it felt, think of what Ambassador Stevens was going through before he was brutally murdered by radical Islamic terrorists after begging for back up that never came.


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