Social Justice Hacktivists Are Harassing A Man Who Shot 2 Trespassers In Ohio

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Social Justice Hacktivists Are Harassing A Man Who Shot 2 Trespassers In Ohio

Social justice hacktivists in Ohio are harassing a man and demanding he be arrested after he shot 2 teenagers who were trespassing in his garage. Two 17 year olds, Devin Henderson and Javier Harrison were killed and a third teenager was arrested for breaking and entering. It`s been reported that they had been on his property before and that they were told to stay off. The homeowner was questioned by police but no charges were filed. There are now a group of hacktivists defending the teens and saying they were only going in his garage to smoke some pot while ignoring the fact that they were trespassing after being told already to stay off the mans property. They are also now protesting outside of his property and demanding that he be charged.

This is what`s wrong with the social justice crowd. You have a situation where these people were trespassing after already being told to stay off the property. They deliberately went back on it where they faced the consequences and are now being defended by people who are supposed to be community role models. This is not what a role model does. This is what an enabler does. To defend these 3 trespassers and trying to justify it saying they were only doing it to smoke some pot? And then to organize a protest against the man who told them to stay off his property and took action after they ignored him and trespassed on his property anyway? This is why their communities continue to fail. It’s not because of “white racism”, it’s because of failed role models. By promoting the idea among young impressionable black males that there’s no consequences to breaking the law and absolving them of accountability by blaming white racism, they are condemning their children and communities to failure and essentially are doing the “white supremacists” work for them.

I`m not sure of the race of the homeowner but judging by these protests I`d assume he is a white man, and that makes this another case of anti white racism, plain and simple. It is the black community and social justice hacktivists blatantly defending black criminality and demanding a white man be charged solely on the basis of race. Like the guy in Florida who was just convicted for standing his ground, the social justice lynch mob will come for another man and try to force a system to persecute a man who has no organizations to stand up for him. And this goes back to why we need our own legitimate political organizations- to defend people against the racist lynch mobs who use protests and riots to demand injustice on someone based solely on their race.


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