Pennsylvania Township Puts Emotion Over Your Lives. Shuts Down Fire Company Because Of Volunteer`s Association With Proud Boys

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Pennsylvania Township Puts Emotion Over Your Lives. Shuts Down Fire Company Because Of Volunteer`s Association With Proud Boys

In the latest case of the left putting emotion over reality, a Pennsylvania Township has shut down a volunteer fire company that has served their community for over 100 years after they refused to accept the resignation of a 6 year veteran and the company`s vice president. The volunteer in question was being singled out simply because he was alleged to have ties to The Proud Boys- a men`s only club which advocates for the preservation of western civilization that has been labeled an extremist group by those that hate western civilization.

After being informed that the volunteer may have been involved with the Proud Boys, the local township urged an investigation into this “serious matter”. After the company found no wrong doing and refused to accept the individual`s resignation, the township shut the entire fire station down.

A statement from the Haverford Township manager David Burman says that “The Bon Air Fire Company’s failure to address this matter conflicts with the public policy of Haverford Township, which includes ensuring that all persons are treated fairly and equally, and that all persons enjoy the full benefits of citizenship.” Read that little piece of NewSpeak again. It says that it says that the public policy of Haverord Township ensures that all persons are treated fairly and equally and shall enjoy the full benefits of citizenship. Now recognize the irony in the unfair treatment that Burman and the township exhibited in singling a man out for punishment because they disagreed with his politics. What`s even more repugnant, is that not only was a man singled out and targeted by David Burman and the township, but they shut down an entire fire station when the station stood against the township`s unfair selective punishment… and in doing so they put people`s lives at risk. A statement urging people to contact Haverford Township to protest this closing says that the closure will deprive the community of 37 firefighters and three firetrucks during emergencies. You can read the statement from the Bon Air Fire Company addressing this here.

This time this is not simply a case of emotion over reality, this is a case where they are saying people’s hurt emotions are more important than your lives. This is the state of the left.

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