Hate Crime? Black Suspect Allegedly Yells “I Don’t Like White People In My Hood” & Shoots At Vehicles. National Media Silent

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Hate Crime? Black Suspect Allegedly Yells “I Don’t Like White People In My Hood” & Shoots At Vehicles. National Media Silent

When you want a look at the double standards in the way mass media as well as our justice system handles hate crime cases, you need to look no further than this. While a shooting in California by a guy being called a white supremacist by mass media (who according to his instagram identified as half Iranian and complained about “white twats” and mestizo`s- a term for people of mixed European and native backgrounds) was headline news, this story out of Ohio from last weekend has virtually been blocked out. A black teen, 18 year old Devonta Allen, was caught on video allegedly shooting at people in 2 vehicles and yelling “I don`t like white people in my hood”. He turned himself in last Monday admitting to the shooting. Not only has mass media has been silent on this story, but he has not been charged with any hate crimes. Records show that he was charged with 4 felony assault charges and given a $480,000 bond.

These are the types of double standard injustices that are allowed to happen due to the failure of European advocacy groups who spent the last 70 years marching around in costumes (and still do today) instead of doing legitimate legal activism. Stop the dumb stunts and get serious people. We need legitimate organizations working alongside the Black Caucasus and NAACP, CAIR, La Raza etc in D.C. For the past 30 – 40 years those who were supposed to be representing European Americans have said don`t vote, don`t get involved in the system because it doesn`t represent us. Meanwhile, in the same amount of time that lack of fight has allowed the left to completely take over, and like it or not they are organized. What did we get for our alienation and lack of participation? Exactly the nothing we have now. That needs to change. The more you advocate doing nothing because you don`t like the way the laws work against us the more you allow the system to exploit us and discriminate against us. Get out and get involved.

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