White Alleged Antifa Member Arrested After Trying To Disrupt Black & Muslim Speaker At College Event

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White Alleged Antifa Member Arrested After Trying To Disrupt Black & Muslim Speaker At College Event

Tolerance doesn`t seem to be much of a value for the left. While they repeatedly preach the virtues of anti racism and tolerance, they have repeatedly attacked and tried to silence numerous people of color. One of the most egregious examples is that of the Philly antifa members Tom Keenan and Thomas Massey who are on trial for allegedly macing and beating several Marines and reportedly calling a Mexican Marine racial slurs in the process.

The latest case comes from The University Of Washington where a white alleged antifa member, identified by Jason Rantz as 18 year old Ezra Benner, was arrested after trying to shut down College Republicans event featuring two guest speakers, Dion Thompson and Saleem Juma (a black conservative and a Muslim conservative). This is the state of the left.

The speaking event was posted about by Emerald City Antifa who encouraged people to show up to disrupt the event. As it turned out, Ezra was only protestor who showed up- Dressed in black with a rag over his face, Ezra was chased down after trying to wrap a chain around the door presumptuously to imprison everyone in the room. Whatever plans he had after locking everyone in the room can only be imagined as leftists have been known for spraying mace and other chemicals inside rooms were conservative speaking events have been held. Fortunately people inside the room heard Ezra fumbling with the chain and were able to stop him. Video here.

As for the University Of Washington, they apparently have repeatedly allowed such attacks on free speech and conservative speakers as evidenced by the post from Chevy Swanson. President Trump promised that schools would be defunded for such violations, this needs to happen.

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