PPDM: Self Development

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PPDM: Self Development

Via the PPDM X Straight Edge X Father Frost Mode X facebook page:

Sports, tattoos and parties – all this is fun, and even there you have to earn a lot of respect.

But much more important in this life is to determine your specialization and develop yourself as a specialist as soon as possible!

Just imagine how many people on earth, who are already around 30 years old, have only useless wind in their heads just like in their empty pockets, but it’s much worse that there is no perspective!

To be no one and nothing a lifetime is not our way! Self-development is growth above yourself. If you began to develop in a certain area, than try, learn, invest your soul and work hard!

Years will pass, and the tree of experience will give its fruits! And if you will do nothing, then only a thing will left is to whine that it’s someone else fault that your life did not work out.


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