Phoenix Child Shoplifting Doll Is Media Psyop

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Phoenix Child Shoplifting Doll Is Media Psyop

Mass media is running another psyop on America. This one has to do with the story that Phoenix police acted in an extremely aggressive behavior against a family who`s only crime was that their 4 year old daughter had stolen a $1 doll from a dollar store. As always, a video showing nothing except for just the interaction between the police and the family was released, and like always it has no context as to what led up to it. Also as always, it is being used as a psyop to rile up America and elicit an anti cop / oppressed minority emotional response. While the video does look to be pretty damning, protocol was followed if you examine the events that led up to it.

Again, the narrative the media is pushing is that cops attacked a family just because their young daughter stole a $1 doll from a dollar store. As it turns out, video from the store allegedly shows the entire family shoplifting. In another video it shows one of the adults standing in line apparently waiting to buy something when the girl walks up to her with the doll. She then throws what she has on the shelf knocking stuff over and walks out of the store with the daughter, without attempting to have her put it back. Videos here and here. The police were called and were told that multiple adults had stolen several items and they confronted the family in the parking lot. Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio posted the following events saying that

“… store video confirms additional items were taken by multiple adult suspects, including both the adults present during the stop.” He goes on to note that

4. Suspects were identified and police approached the individuals while in their vehicle at the store parking lot.

5. Officers gave multiple commands to the driver of the suspect’s vehicle to exit the vehicle.

6. Despite lawful orders, the vehicle took off and stopped a short distance away.

7. At this time, a single female passenger exited the vehicle and surrendered to police.

8. Driver proceeded to continue to ignore lawful police orders and took off once again, coming to a stop approximately one mile away.

9. The female passenger who originally exited the vehicle confirmed that she heard the orders, and asked the driver to stop, then asked to be let out of the vehicle.

10. Vehicle was identified and followed by a second police unit, which was waiting for assistance from additional units before activating their emergency lights and initiating the stop.

11. Vehicle turned into an apartment complex and stopped, causing the tailing police unit to initiate contact, and the first officer called the suspects out of the vehicle while the second officer – per policy – remained in a defensive location with his service weapon in the ready position, but not aimed.

And that is where the video starts- Phoenix Police attempting to apprehend suspects who had already refused lawful orders to stop. It should also be noted that the male perp Dravon Ames also currently has a pending case on charges of aggravated assault against a cop stemming from a previous traffic stop.

So here you have the media narrative and the victim mentality that society perpetuates. What should have been national condemnation of a man who took his pregnant fiance as well as their 1 year old and 4 year old on a family outing to shoplift from the dollar store has been turned into a national civil rights case with the family now suing the Phoenix Police for $10 million. Had they not been stealing this entire event would have never happened, plain and simple. This is why things never change. Liberal policies have escalated criminals and criminal behavior while condemning the results of that behavior. Instead of being a role model to his daughters the father decided to be a degenerate, and everyone defending him is perpetuating that degeneracy as well. lt`s pretty simple people- Do you want to be a role model or an enabler? Because imo the world needs more role models, not people who make excuses for criminal behavior.

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