NAACP Says Water Affordability Is A Race Issue In Baltimore

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NAACP Says Water Affordability Is A Race Issue In Baltimore

This post is about the lack of advocacy groups for European Americans and how advocacy groups for other people take advantage of that, manipulate their own people and implement socialism. It`s based on a new “report” from the NAACP Legal Defense Fund saying that “Water affordability is a race issue in Baltimore“. Keep in mind that Baltimore is a city that politically is black run from the top down and has been under democrat control since 1967. Aside from setting the black community of Baltimore up for failure, this is also how the left and democrats buy off voters and keep the people they claim to be helping on the plantation- Deflect the blame and tell them they are perpetual victims of racism and give them just enough free stuff for them to survive while blaming racism and Republicans for them not having more. That is the essence of Lyndon B Johnson`s Great Society.

While there are hard working people of all races that are affected by unfair socialist policies, the NAACP has declared this to be a race issue, leading to the point of this post- When you have advocacy groups you can demand anything you want at the expense of someone else and get it because when that someone else doesn’t have an advocacy group they are left a victim. This is the failure of European advocacy groups who spent the last 70 years marching around in costumes (and still do today) instead of doing legitimate legal activism. Stop the dumb stunts and get serious people.


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