Meme Alert: How To Stop Liberals From Infesting Your State

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Meme Alert: How To Stop Liberals From Infesting Your State

I`m sure whoever made this meme did it as a joke, but it is actually a good strategy. As everyone knows, democrat run areas are steeped in high taxes, regulations, crime, and general costs of living / business ownership that are way above the ability for most people to live comfortable. Republican run areas / states are generally the opposite. The problem is that after democrats vote for the policies that ultimately drive them out of their areas they move to republican areas and begin to advocate for the exact same policies and vote for the exact same thing. Enacting laws that democrats generally are opposed to is a strategic strike to keep them out and keep them from turning the rest of the country into a California or New York.

As a side note, I find it ironic that a company like Disney that is supposed to be for children is threatening to boycott a state for not wanting to kill children. Netflix is another outlet that has feigned outrage and threatened to boycott Georgia for their abortion bill but continue to film in Egypt and the Middle East. If it weren`t for double standards these people wouldn`t have any standards at all.


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