Colorado Governor Bans Conversion Therapy For Minors, Transgender Hormone Treatment For Minors Still Allowed

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Colorado Governor Bans Conversion Therapy For Minors, Transgender Hormone Treatment For Minors Still Allowed

Jared Polis, “the nation`s first gay governor”, is being celebrated by the left for signing new pro lgbt bills including the banning of conversion therapy for minors. What`s ironic about this, is that transgender hormone therapy for minors is still allowed. As posted on the Colorado Children`s Hospital site:

We believe gender-diverse children need a stable support system as they navigate their transition, which is why we offer support not only for our patients, but for parents and families as well.

It goes on to list their services which includes

Hormone therapy: During puberty, your body goes through changes because of the hormones it’s producing. With hormone therapy, we can produce the secondary sex characteristics — such as voice pitch and breast development — of your desired gender expression.


Puberty blocking: Puberty-blocking medicines suppress the hormones that induce puberty. Using puberty blockers, we can avoid body changes that do not align with your identity.

It`s curious as to why conversion therapy has been banned, yet a practice which involves the use of drugs to block and manipulate your bodies natural growth and can have devastating negative effects is still allowed. Just last month a Colorado minor who was going through transgender hormone therapy was involved in a school shooting and there have been many other cases of people going through transgender hormone therapy committing violent acts in the past as well. There is also a high suicide rate among the transgendered community. The left tries to explain this away as it being a result of discrimination, but studies show otherwise. (Read here) As always the left cares more about emotions than the reality of the damaging lifestyles they push.

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