Clown World: When Clowns Protest Clowns

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Clown World: When Clowns Protest Clowns

Two groups of fetishizing costume wearing clowns marched through the streets this past week. One group was there for the gay pride parade, the second was a group there to protest them. The pics here are not from the rally, but they emphasize the extreme of what gay pride parades are. There are plenty of people who are gay etc. that rightfully see this as a degenerate circus. As regular Americans you’ll rightfully look at this and see it as a degenerate circus as well.

To protest this group of clowns, another group of clowns came. This group came wearing all black with swastika armbands and flags and marched through yelling insults while under police protection. Going back to the point in the first paragraph- imagine how regular people see those who claim to represent White Americans show up dressed all in black with jackboots on marching with swastikas and yelling insults. This is why such groups that have existed for 30 years or more never expand and have made no type of positive gains for the people they say they want to represent. You are the equivalent of the circus you are there to protest against and are doing nothing but reinforcing the media / hollywood stereotype that is used to alienate you. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and celebrating it, but when you make it into a circus don`t expect anyone to sympathize or take you seriously, no matter what side you are on. Stop the dumb stunts and get serious people.


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