Social Media Outlets Continue Banning Political Adversaries

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Social Media Outlets Continue Banning Political Adversaries

The de-platforming and banning of politically incorrect activists and outlets is an issue we`ve posted about many times in the past, and even did a 2 part podcast on it. This past week facebook, instagram and twitter keep chugging full steam ahead and banning those who do not fit into their political ideology. Among those banned were Alex Jones, Infowars, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Louis Farrakhan and James Woods.

This is nothing short of silencing those who fight against them in the culture war.

The only thing the left had to be able to hold on to power and create the matrix was control of the media, but in this internet age where everyone has an equal voice their matrix has been exposed and is falling apart. They are scared and have resorted to totalitarian censorship and financial terrorism to silence those who fight against them in the culture war. These dystopian tactics need to be challenged and fought against and the argument that “these are private corporations so they can do what they want” needs to stop. When you have a handful of outlets who are able to control free speech and financially blacklist whoever they want you have a problem. Never forget that the left never stops moving the goal post. You will be next if you don`t fall into the totalitarian line.


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