Reports Say That Colorado School Shooting Suspect Is Transgender

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Reports Say That Colorado School Shooting Suspect Is Transgender

Reports coming out about the school shooting at the STEM Highlands Ranch School state that one of the suspects is in the process of transitioning from female to male. That individual has yet to be named as they are under 18, but the other suspect, 18 year old Devon Erickson is pictured to the left. The picture from his facebook page not only shows support for lgbt but also has anti Trump and pro Obama posts on it. He also made pro gay / anti Christian comments in the past.

An organization called “Far Left Youth” said they personally knew one of the suspects but tried to distance themselves from them in the tweet here. They describe themselves as a grassroots group meant to educate Coloradan youth on socialist theory/history. I wonder if they include the murders of over 100,000 dissidents as part of that theory? A day ago they reposted a tweet saying in part “Anyone trying to change the system from within deserves scrutiny“.

As this is yet another mass shooting / violent act allegedly committed by a transgender member of the lgbt community, it should be far past time to ban the rainbow flag and start mass censoring people who espouse such lifestyles on social media.

In closing, R.I.P. to Kendrick Castillo. Kendrick was one of several students who tackled the shooter. He died protecting the other students and probably stopped what would have been a much worse scenario.


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