Man Sentenced To 3 Years For Vandalizing Synagogue. Quit Doing This

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Man Sentenced To 3 Years For Vandalizing Synagogue. Quit Doing This

21 year old Nolan Brewer was sentenced to 3 years for vandalizing a synagogue. In July of last year, an area outside of the Congregation Shaarey Tefilla Synagogue in Carmel Indiana was spraypainted with a swastika flag and iron crosses as well as being lit on fire. Court records say that Brewer and his wife had actually conspired to burn the synagogue down but got spooked by the security cameras. When he was arrested he still had the paint and incendiary devices in his car. For whatever reason Nolan was said to be proud of this and was happy it got national attention. This is idiocy. It is exactly the kind of propaganda that the discredited southern poverty law center and other fund raising groups use to justify their existence and fight the culture war against us. It does nothing but feed into the Hollywood characterture that we discussed here and it needs to stop. If you want to get involved do something positive.

In another case here in Maryland, 4 students from Glenelg highschool were recently sentenced for their role in spraypainting racial slurs all over the school. Again, if these 4 were serious about any kind of identity politics they would have taken that and put it towards something productive.

Populist and nationalist candidates are polling big across the world. As Americans who have legitimate issues that affect us we need legitimate organizations working alongside the Black Caucasus and NAACP, CAIR, La Raza etc in D.C. For the past 30 – 40 years those who were supposed to be representing European Americans have said don`t vote, don`t get involved in the system because it doesn`t represent us. Meanwhile, in the same amount of time that lack of fight has allowed the left to completely take over, and like it or not they are organized. How many national magazines do we have that are writing positive stories about rich athletes we have that are donating to charities that we have in cities across the country? How many social activists do we have speaking to kids who are reading books we’ve written in classes in schools and creating future activists? They have all of that. What did we get for our alienation? Exactly the nothing we have now. That needs to change. The more you advocate doing nothing because you don`t like the way the laws work against us the more you allow the system to exploit us and discriminate against us. And the more you do idiotic stunts like Nolan Brewer did the more you allow the system to exploit us and discriminate against us. Get out and get involved, but do it legitimately and legally and in a way that doesn`t alienate you from the people you say you`re advocating for.  Without knowing much about their inner workings, I`d refer people to look at the America Identity Movement for identity activism, and The American Guard for Constitutional activism.

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