Did Some People Do Something Again? “The Notre Dame Fire Was Intentionally Set” Conspiracy Theory

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Did Some People Do Something Again? “The Notre Dame Fire Was Intentionally Set” Conspiracy Theory

What was the cause of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral? Before the fire was even out and an investigation began the answer was “It was started by construction workers who were doing renovations”.

There still has not been an investigation, yet the idea that it may have been intentionally set is being called a conspiracy theory by the radical left. Why did they pounce on this so quick, pushing the narrative that you`re a crazy conspiracy theorist if you think it was intentionally set? It`s because they are scared that it actually was. The fact is that Church attacks in France have been happening regularly, so regularly that they average 3 attacks per day.

An article here from March titled “Catholic churches in France vandalized, set on fire & smeared with excrement” starts out by saying

“Catholic churches in France are being targeted with arson attacks, vandalism, desecration of holy statues, and the destruction of the Eucharist. The attacks have been happening since the start of the year.

The Church of St. Sulpice in Paris, where the Da Vinci Code movie was filmed, was set on fire just after midday mass on Sunday, Le Parisien reports. Firefighters and police said the blaze was an arson attack.”

Another one here states that 10 churches were attacked in one week with vandalism that included “… the desecration of altars, the defacing of Christ on the cross and in an extreme case, human excrement being spread across the walls of a holy place of worship“. It says a statue of the Virgin Mary was also found smashed on the ground.

The news clip below from One America News titled “Surge in Muslim migration sees spike in attacks on Christians in France” goes into these church attacks in depth even more, including talking about the murder of an 84 year old priest whose throat was slit by radical islamists.



So again, why the quick rush to silence those asking questions? It`s because they are scared that it actually was set on fire. With the insane levels of immigration occurring, France has increasingly been under attack from radical Muslim terrorists. They radical left hate Western civilization and are using mass immigration to destroy it and are doing what they can to undermine and hide the reality of what`s going on. They are scared too because their globalist agenda is failing and they are employing psychological warfare to manipulate you and control the conversation. Calling you a conspiracy theorist is no different then when they call you a racist, white supremacist or nazi. Don`t be scared to challenge their narratives and ask questions, they can only control you if you let them.

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