Man Cut With Sword After Attacking Man Wearing MAGA Hat

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Man Cut With Sword After Attacking Man Wearing MAGA Hat

This story is a good lesson in keeping your hands to yourself. With enough of these lessons maybe The Violent Left will start to learn that they cannot go around physically attacking innocent people just because they don`t agree with them. This story comes out of San Francisco and the news reports about were rather weird and sparse which of course led me to believe that there was more to it than what was being reported. Most of the headlines stated something like- Sword Wielding Man Wearing MAGA Hat Slashes Victim which would obviously lead you to believe that some crazy guy in a MAGA hat was randomly walking around with a sword attacking people. Of course that is the story mainstream media would like you to believe as it pushes their narrative that Trump supporters are unhinged racist (insert any other derogatory adjective here) etc. The story as it`s been coming out however states that the suspect and the victim were walking towards each other when the victim knocked the suspect`s MAGA hat off, at which time MAGA hat guy slashed his hand with a sword.

Just to make a few notes on this:

1. In reality this would make MAGA hat guy the victim.

2. This should be a lesson in keeping your hands to yourself, something that the Violent Left does not seem to understand.

3. Why was this man carrying around a sword? Perhaps to defend himself against the Violent Left who think it`s ok to physically assault those who they disagree with.

MAGA hat guy- 30-year-old San Francisco resident Leor Bergland has since been arrested and charged with attempted murder, mayhem, aggravated assault, carrying a concealed dirk or dagger and brandishing a weapon. It`s our opinion that given the history of attacks from The Violent Left, this is a simply a case of self defense. We`ll be looking more into this case as it develops.

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