Laquisha Jones Gets 15 Years In Brick Attack On 92 Year Old Man. Yelled “Go Back To Mexico” During Attack

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Laquisha Jones Gets 15 Years In Brick Attack On 92 Year Old Man. Yelled “Go Back To Mexico” During Attack

30 year old Laquisha Jones was sentenced on Thursday to 15 years in prison after pleading no contest to violently beating 92 year old Rodolfo Rodriguez with a brick. We put this story up last July under the headline- “Black Woman Beats 92 Year Old Man With A Brick & Yells Go Back To Mexico“. This however wasn`t the headline that the left wing media outlets decided to use. Of course, as this was “a racist attack” the news of the attack spread like wildfire across social media, but the one thing conveniently left out was that it was a black woman who was the attacker.

As we posted in the article: “92 Year Old Man Beaten With Brick, Told To Go Back To Mexico”: That was the headline everywhere 2 days ago. The story was that 92 year old Rodolfo Rodriguez was on a walk when a woman who was walking passed him with her daughter knocked him down and then began hitting him with a brick or piece of concrete while yelling “Go back to your own country, Go back to Mexico”. 5 other people who were in the area joined in the beating. This horrendous attack on an elderly man rightly upset most everyone. The left however was even more incensed as they immediately began blaming President Trump and white racism. As it turns out, a 30 year old black woman named Laquisha Jones was arrested for the attack.” You can read more as well as see the numerous posts here from outlets like CNN and others conveniently leaving out the race of the attackers and blaming President Trump for the attack. After word started getting out that Laquisha Jones was arrested for the violent xenophobic assault, race hustler Jeffery Shaun King even went so far as to delete his tweet for some reason.














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