Dutch Populist Party Wins Big In Netherlands

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Dutch Populist Party Wins Big In Netherlands

The Forum For Democracy (FvD), an anti immigrant populist party has won the most votes in the upper house of parliament in elections last week in the Netherlands. This election will make it the largest party in the senate alongside the current prime minister`s party, and if teamed up together with Geert Wilder`s Freedom Party the two could become the second biggest block in the senate as a whole. FvD leader Thierry Baudet has campaigned on populist policies including taking an anti immigration stance and against “climate change hysteria” as well as proposing the possibility that the Netherlands leave the EU. In February he was quoted as saying “I am ideologically against the EU, against the internal market, against the open borders, against the euro, against the whole thing.”.

The elections took place days after a suspected terrorist shooting by a Turkish immigrant left 3 people dead on a tram. While other politicians suspended their campaigns Baudet continued his, accusing the current ruling party of Mark Rutte of naive immigration policies and saying that a “change of course is needed, otherwise this is going to happen more often in the Netherlands”. In his victory speech after the election he doubled down saying.“We are being destroyed by the people who are supposed to be protecting us” and that “Successive Rutte governments have left our borders wide open, letting in hundreds of thousands of people with cultures completely different to ours.” He also said “We stand here in the rubble of what was once the most beautiful civilisation,” “We won because the country needs us.”

The FvD won only 2 seats in the lower house just 2 years ago and predictably the globalists are worried about their substantial gain in this latest election, even calling it a crisis. As we said in our previous article- Christchurch, Slaughtered Christians & Leftist Irony, nationalist governments are organically growing and taking power in many countries across Europe and they are doing it legally and electorally. This is making the globalists are scared and imo it calls into question the real motivations behind the “acceleration theory” by an admitted communist larping as a white nationalist in New Zealand. If anything, cowardly attacks on unarmed victims pushes people away from your cause, the same way the rhetoric that “the movement” uses does. There are strategies that work and there are the controlled opposition strategies that pushes everything to the extreme and keeps it marginalized and ineffective and uses it to enact legislation against it, demonize whites and outlaw any kind of real political organization.

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