Women`s March Cancelled For Being Too White, Bernie Bro Represents Toxic Masculinity, Anti Trump Employee Fired. 2019 Looks Fun

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Happy New Year everyone! Our first post for the New Year is going to look at a few recent events that 2018 not only ended on but hopefully are indicative of the humor that will be 2019.

After the election of President Trump in 2016, the left in America had a mental breakdown and started attacking anyone and anything in the name of “social justice” in what has been diagnosed as Trump Derangement Syndrome. These attacks went from finding the most minuscule of offense in any given subject and calling it a microaggression, to straight out adapting fascist and nazi-esque tactics in violently attacking anyone with whom they disagreed with as well as advocating for people to be fired and financially ruined. Not only were they warned that the the boomerang they were throwing would inevitably come back around to them, but in a humorously ironic twist, they have begun attacking their own people and institutions with these same accusations as well.

We`ll start off with The Women`s March. It`s something we`ve been posting about for awhile now- the need to hold the left accountable for the things they attack everyone else for, in other words, their double standard policies. This one has to do with the left`s anti semitism in relation to the Women`s March. We`ve posted in the past about the Women`s March double standard platform and it`s good to see them held accountable for at least part of it now. Not only is Linda Sarsour being called in question for her ties to Farrakhan, but statements by leaders Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez have been called anti semitic as well. With all this controversy going on, the Washington State Women`s March chapter has disbanded. As for planned marches, one of the former leaders who took offense at a comment stating that Jews were heavily involved in the slave trade, is now involved with a counter march on the same day in January. The Chicago march which drew thousands of people the last 2 years now says it had no plans to do one this January, opting instead just for the October midterm march. The timing of this announcement led to speculation that it was actually due to the antisemitic comments of national leadership as they released a statement at the same time denouncing national leadership and saying they are independent of them.

Unrelated to this specific controversy but having to do with the same organization, the Eureka California march has been cancelled because they say it would have been too white. Of course this decision being made on a discriminatory and racial basis should be a huge red pill to the liberal white population, but we aren`t making any bets. If they haven`t seen that the entire basis of social justice ideology is to remove us and our culture from society yet, then no amount of red pills will. But of course we enjoy seeing the left eat their own nonetheless.

In another story, ahead of a potential 2020 run, over two dozen former campaign workers for Bernie Sanders have signed a letter asking to discuss “sexual harassment and violence on the 2016 campaign”. In yet another red pill, part of the letter states the need for “the commitment to hiring diverse leadership to pre-empt the possibility of replicating the predatory culture from the first presidential campaign“. Aside from this, others have also accused the Sanders campaign of “toxic masculinity” stemming from use of the Bernie Bro moniker.

Whether it`s conservative tv hosts, or just a regular joe on the street, one of the things the left has employed and delighted in the most is demanding people be fired for their political associations and views, and more specifically using their 1st amendment right of free speech. Well it`s kind of silly to think that when you start using such tactics that they won`t be used back on you, but the left never seems to learn the error of their ways, they just double down on stupid. One of the most recent firings stems from a video showing a vape store employee who obviously suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome going on a hilariously insane rant against a customer who was wearing a MAGA hat. Without knowing anything about the customer, among other things in the rant he accuses the customer of being racist. What is funny about this, is that the man was later fired by his boss, who is a black female.

The trend of perpetual offense and attempts to silence free speech has been condemned by many, including Jerry Seinfeld who has said that comedy has been ruined by this new generation of snowflakes. One guy, Louis C.K. apparently has decided to go full steam into the snow storm as his new routine mocks gender neutral teens, the supposed “survivors” of the Parkland school shooting, as well as many other subjects that have become taboo in this culture of victimhood.

In closing, if these trends continue into 2019 we can say it is going to be a hilarious year :D


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