The Dancing Cortez & Media Manipulation

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It`s never been more apparent then since the election of President Trump, that the majority of mass media is in fact the propaganda arm of the democrat party. One of mass media and the left`s newest democrat darlings is New York`s election mistake that put an economically illiterate radical socialist in congress. If you haven`t figured out yet I`m referring to Ocasio Cortez, and this post is going to use her to demonstrate how mass media creates propaganda and sets a false narrative.

A recent video posted to twitter showing New York`s mistake dancing on a rooftop was tweeted by someone using the name AnonymousQ1776. In the tweet it said “Here is America`s favorite commie know-it-all acting like the clueless nitwit she is…”. Immediately mass media and the left jumped on this, claiming that this account represented all Republicans and conservatives because a user that no one knows used Q and 1776 in their name, and they used it to attack Republicans and conservatives to make fun of them for supposedly mocking her for dancing. Despite me being 100% certain that not a single Republican or conservative cares about a video of her dancing, the story that Republicans were mocking her spread like wildfire- “Attempts to embarrass Cortez backfired”, “Cortez has been mocked for her clothing, her bank balance, her modest childhood, and now apparently for dancing in college” and so on. This was followed up by New York`s mistake posting a video of herself dancing in congress which was subsequently ran by the democrat propaganda outlets saying things like “Cortez claps back at haters” and “A wave of support for Cortez after video leak backfires”. Looking at the fact that the democrat propaganda outlets made such a big story out of a tweet from a now deleted twitter account with the name AnonymousQ1776 to make Republicans look ridiculous and to prop up New York`s mistake makes you wonder who was really running the account.

Either way, putting out the narrative that all Republicans and conservatives are represented by one twitter user is how mass media manipulates you and creates false narratives. We posted about this here using the example of racist fliers being distributed and how media manipulates reality, and I discussed it here in our podcast about the lady and children who were allegedly gassed at the border.

Btw, what we really don`t understand is how the leftist elite can support New York`s mistake. Many corporations and mass media count as being amongst the “wealthy” in this country, yet they glorify an economically illiterate woman who wants to tax them at a rate of 70% or more while essentially turning America into Venezuela. Liberalism truly is a mental disease.

And in case you haven`t seen the video in question, it`s posted below courtesy of the Daily Caller :D

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