Nobel Prize Winng DNA Pioneer Get`s Honors Stripped After Anti PC Comments On Race

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In 1953, James Watson along with two others forever changed molecular biology and how genetic material works after discovering that DNA was a double helix- the long twisting ladder image you see everywhere. In 1962 he along with the others were given the Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine. Despite this, 90 year old James Watson has now had his honorary titles stripped from him by New York`s Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory which he once headed for making anti PC statements equivocating race with intelligence.

In a PBS documentary that aired earlier this month, Mr. Watson was asked if he denounced his previous view that IQ was genetic he replied “I would like for them to have changed,” “There would [have to be] new knowledge, which says that your nurture is much more important than nature. But I haven’t seen any knowledge. And there’s a difference on the average between blacks and whites on IQ tests. I would say the difference is … it’s genetic.

Cold Spring Harbor has since released a statement saying “Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) unequivocally rejects the unsubstantiated and reckless personal opinions Dr. James D. Watson expressed on the subject of ethnicity and genetics during the PBS documentary ‘American Masters: Decoding Watson’ that aired January 2, 2019. The Laboratory condemns the misuse of science to justify prejudice.”

Read that again- “The misuse of science to justify prejudice”. It`s a dangerous path to go down when you start blacklisting science in favor of political correctness. There has been a big push in recent years to purge the science world of scientists who pose any kind of investigations and or proposals / analysis that there are in fact differences between races. Despite there being actual scientific evidence that could correlate IQ with genetics (1994 a book titled “The Bell Curve” addressed this theory in depth) this has become an anti PC subject in the science world and scientists are being persecuted in the same fashion that they were persecuted by the Church and “witches” were burned at  the stake.

Remember kids, only politically correct science analysis are acceptable in this modern age witch hunt. You know, like the fact that that their are 57 genders and that global warming will leave the Arctic Ocean ice free by 2014.

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