Good Samaritan David Bell Arrested After Being Forced To Defend Himself Against Mob Of “Youths”

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Unlike the “knockout game” that was blacked out of national media several years ago in which black “youths” across the country were targeting random unaware mainly white victims and violently punching them, a video of a white man punching a black girl in self defense has instead now made national news. The incident at hand involves 51 year old white man David Bell who is seen in a video surrounded by a group of up to 10 black girls who are yelling and screaming at him with another pushing him from behind. Seconds later the girl walks up to confront him and he pushes her away. Instead of staying away she then charges at him at him violating his personal space and in self defense / stand your ground fashion he punches her.

A lawyer for the man has stated that the incident started when the “youths” were harassing a woman with a child inside of the mall. As posted by the Citizen Times, a statement from his attorney Andy Banzhoff states that the man was at the mall with his family and were leaving a bookstore when “he observed a large pack of youths harassing a woman.” He then asked the bookstore staff to call security and told the youths to “break it up,” and tried to escort the woman through a mall exit. The “youths” followed them at which time they encircled him, blocking his ability to leave and yelling threatening remarks.

So, in reality instead of being a case of white racism like mass media and the radical left is making this out to be, 51 year old David Bell is instead a good Samaritan who stepped in to help a lady who was being harassed “by a large group of youths” and wound up having to defend himself in the process. Incidents of “youths” running rampant at Asheville Mall seem to be a regular occurrence. Reviews on their facebook page (posted below) show people as long as 2 years ago complaining about the unsafe conditions at the mall. Other complaints are about the unsanitary conditions that exist.

It should be noted that “youths” running rampant and causing problems in malls is not isolated to just Asheville Mall. Just last month “hundreds of youths” fighting and causing disturbances in a mall in New York led it to being shut down early. This story however did not receive national news, and there are plenty more like that you can find if you do a quick online search. Here in Maryland mall incidents involving “youths” have led to some of them enacting curfews not allowing people under 18 to be unaccompanied by an adult after certain hours. Recent incidents at White Marsh Mall have even led to discussions about stopping bus service from bringing “youths” from Baltimore city to the county mall. Of course such discussions and curfews, as well as the girl getting punched in the face after charging good Samaritan David Bell are called emblematic of white racism. You have to ask why there is a bias in reporting such incidents where some make national news and others don`t. What is mass media`s real agenda? In general, things will never change for the better for the black community when there is no accountability in black criminality and it is instead written off as white racism.






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