Three Teen Girls Attacked In Walmart Parking Lot & Called Racial Slurs. National Media Silent

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It`s been a desperate trend, especially after the election of President Trump, for the national news outlets to push stories about white racism even when there is none there. Humorously they have even gotten egg on their face reporting on stories that turned out to be fake as well as stories that have nothing to do with racism. One example is when local news outlet channel 13 did a prime time segment on a rope swing calling it a noose, and proceeded to use it to talk about other fake stories about white racism. In the mean time, legit stories about racism are ignored, and this is one of them. Taylor McFadden, Tatum Bohanon and Alexandria ‘Allie’ DeRusso who are all 18 and 19 were leaving a Walmart in Deptford, New Jersey when they were attacked by 2 black adult males and 2 black adult women. It is reported to have started after McFadden and her friends went to their car and another car had thought they were leaving and wanted their parking spot. The car was waived on and parked a few spots away. The teens were still at their car when the inhabitants of the other one were walking past, at which time they started arguing with the teens.

It`s then reported that the older woman went up and open palmed smacked DeRusso and then hit Bohanon. Both of them were thrown to the ground and were getting punched and kicked when McFadden tried to intervene, at which time she says “The shorter woman turned around and grabbed my face and pushed my head back and my neck bent, and someone punched me on the right side of my face.” As people in the parking lot started coming over the black attackers fled back to their and tried to run over McFadden as they sped away. During the attack they were reported as using racial slurs screaming ‘you dumb white bi***es. You are too comfortable.’ McFadden says “They just kept reiterating that we were white and too comfortable, and we were stupid white girls and all this stuff.” All 3 teens went to Jefferson Hospital where McFadden was said to have suffered a concussion and a cervical sprain in her neck while Bohanon sustained a concussion, cervical sprain and bruised ribs, and DeRusso had a concussion and two black eyes.

Even though Taylor McFadden is bi racial, all 3 teens were assumed to be white and were called racial slurs during this attack. The suspects are still being sought after but we need to demand that when they are caught that they be charged with hate crimes the same way any white person would be if the roles were reversed.

Likewise, this raises the question once again as to why mass media ignored this story while promoting so many others where the roles are reversed? What is mass media`s real agenda? And why aren`t there civil rights groups and lawyers defending these issues for us?

As we`ve stated many times in the past: Civil rights and the right to represent your people is not something that should only be afforded to “minorities”. Racism, hate crimes and discrimination exists across all borders. Why aren`t there any local anti racist groups or politicians issuing statements or planning protests. There are no calls for a day of healing, no rallies against hate, nothing. Why not? The denial of civil rights for any group or class of people only ensures their exploitation and victimization. We need legitimate organizations working alongside the Black Caucasus and NAACP, CAIR, La Raza etc in D.C. For the past 30 – 40 years those who were supposed to be representing European Americans have said don`t vote, don`t get involved in the system because it doesn`t represent us. What did we get for our alienation? Exactly the nothing we have now. That needs to change. The more you advocate doing nothing because you don`t like the way the laws work against us the more you allow the system to exploit us and discriminate against us. Get out and get involved.



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