President Trump Retweets Tweet From 44, Exposing Hypocrisy On Immigration & Border Security

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In all seriousness, President Trump is the best thing to happen to conservative politics and the Republican party in general in modern time. Unlike the low energy Republicans and conservatives in general who until now showed no backbone whatsoever and would run, cower, grovel and apologize when attacked by Democrats or mass media, he is a man who not only does not back down when attacked but hits back twice as hard. He has demonstrated that when you break the hold political correctness holds over you you’ve won, and Trump got the snowball rolling.

This here is yet another example of President Trump showing how you need to play the game with this retweet of an old tweet from Obama, “the only president to have never had a scandal“. Once again, and as we discussed here, it shows the complete hypocrisy of the democrat party and exposes them as just being the anti Trump obstructionists they are.


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