Mass Media`s Sad & Pathetic Attacks On President Trump & Melania After They Visit Troops For Christmas

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Well, mass media got egg on it`s face again and once again exposed themselves for being the divisive petty biased outlets they are. This time it was after running stories about how President Trump was the first President not to visit the troops during Christmas. It was kind of funny seeing the the radical left commenting on these stories and reposting them acting like they were up in arms over this, as they have never supported the troops, but I guess they just couldn`t hold back on using them to attack President Trump.

As for mass media, the headlines were all filled with the same propaganda- President Trump is the first President not to visit the troops on Christmas since 2002. One hack even wrote a propaganda piece titled “This is the first Christmas since 2002 a president hasn’t visited the troops — thanks to Trump”. In that article it stated how President Bush started the tradition in 2002 by driving to Walter Reed to visit the troops and that every year Obama was in office he visited troops at the Kaneohe Bay Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, but now President Trump couldn`t even be bothered to make the drive to Walter Reed. As it turned out, President Trump did have plans to visit the troops. This of course was a secret trip unannounced to mass media because he wasn`t going to a safe space like Walter Reed or Hawaii, he went to an active war zone to visit the troops in Iraq. Furthermore, not only did he go to an active war zone, but he was joined by Melania, making her the first 1st Lady to visit an active war zone since 1969.

After their fake outrage that President Trump didn`t visit the troops, how did mass media respond to these precedents and the trip in general? They attacked the troops, they attacked the President, and they attacked Melania.

It`s repeated over and over by mass media that America is at it`s lowest point ever, well that is painfully evident looking at the hatred and division being spewed by mass media.

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