Mass Media`s Narcissism

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There sure has been a lot of self adoration from mass media lately with articles claiming that 2018 was the worst year on record for violence against journalists, etc, and especially with time magazine making “media” the person of the year. Well, a couple years ago after the blm movement started and led to the all lives matter movement, mass media made the argument that all lives didn’t matter. Based on one of those articles, I’m rewording a quote to address the destructiveness their narrative is now pushing. More people need to call them out for their narcissism in undermining BLM.

I understand what they’re trying to say, but the fact is it’s not that what they’re saying isn’t true. It’s just that it’s unhelpful. It’s an attempt to erase an actual crisis of violence against black Americans under the guise of being fair. And by continuing to use talk about “media lives matter” to drown out the cry of “Black Lives Matter,” the real problems the movement is trying to address are being ignored. “Media Lives Matter” is useless. It is destructive. It is hurtful. We need to stop saying it.

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