Fake Hate Crime. Another Black Man Arrested For Racist Graffiti At A Maryland College

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Hey hey, ho ho, this racist s— has got to go,”

It just kind of sunk in. Someone does want to kill me because of the color of my skin.”

I’ve seen white supremacy be tolerated. Now, students are angry. White supremacists are getting pretty bold now with Donald Trump as president. We are at the point where we can’t wait for the administration or Baltimore County Police.”

Underrepresented students need to have a “safe space” where they can participate in social justice workshops and other programs addressing racism and white privilege.

The mandate for black people in this time is to avenge the suffering of our ancestors and earn the respect of future generations

These were all responses from the students and faculty at Goucher College after racist graffiti was found on campus last month. Unsurprisingly to me and anyone else paying attention to trends in society, 21 year old Fynn Ajani Arthur, a black man, was arrested yesterday for it.

Similar instances have happened in the past at University Of Maryland College Park where black men have been arrested for racist graffiti as well. You`d think that after all these fake hate crimes people wouldn`t jump to conclusions, but I guess you can`t let a good opportunity to demand more reparations or condemn white people and their imaginary white supremacy go to waste.

Last year “racist fliers” were found on campus at Gustavus Adolphous College. It later turned out that the college`s diversity council put them out as an experiment. One student commented “What gives you the right to manipulate people and make their emotions props to expedite your cause!?!?” This sums up the appropriate response for any fake hate crime. Not only do these things instill fear and distress in those who are supposedly the victims, but it also creates a backlash and unjustified hatred against whites who are already regularly collectively targeted for racism. In short, these things do nothing but create division and hatred between groups of people as a whole- those who think they are being victimized and those who are falsely accused of victimizing them. Based on that, Fynn should be charged and sentenced accordingly, on top of  sentencing for the hate crimes and threats the same way any white person would.

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