Detroit School Board Votes To Remove Ben Carson’s Name From High School

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Dr. Ben Carson is truly an inspiration, and should be held up as a role model for African Americans, especially the school aged ones; however, a Detroit school board has voted to rename the Benjamin Carson High School of Science And Medicine. Just to give you a quick background, like many of today`s youth, Dr. Carson grew up in a single family household. His mother only had a third grade education but worked hard to support them and vowed to make sure her children got the education she never had. After seeing her children heading down a destructive path, she limited their tv time and required them to read 2 books a week from the local library and do a report on each one, even though she couldn`t read them. Within a year he rose to the top of his class and wound up graduating with honors, even securing a scholarship to Yale, setting him on course to be the respected surgeon he is today. Nevertheless, the school board has voted to remove his name. This is typical of the democrat way, to keep black Americans oppressed so they can pretend to help them, enslaving them to their vote.


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