David Hogg`s White Privilege & Harvard Admission

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While there is currently a lawsuit against Harvard for discrimination in admitting Asian students, David Hogg has been accepted despite his extremely low SAT scores. Hogg`s SAT score is at 1270, while the bottom 25% of Harvard averages 1460. The fact that he has been accepted despite such a low SAT score in the face of a discrimination lawsuit against Asian students has brought questions as to whether it was his white privilege that got him in. It`s funny however that there has been no outcry from the left on this. If it weren`t for double standards they wouldn`t have any at all.

Hogg has become a darling of the left and is called a survivor of the Parkland school shooting despite never even being shot. Unlike his counterpart and schoolmate Kyle Kashuv who has taken a pro 2nd Amendment stance, Hogg has gone on an anti 2nd Amendment crusade and encourages the American youth to give up their rights. One of the things used in this effort was the March For Our Lives rallies that took place across the country. One man who expressed support for the rallies and said he attended the one in Oakland later tried to stab and kill a Republican congressional candidate.

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