Black Teens Run Over & Kill Pastor`s Wife During Car Jacking. National Media Silent

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Another car jacking, another dead victim, and another national media blackout. This time it is 49 year old Jeannot Plessy, the wife of Louisiana pastor David Plessy and mother of 5. Reports state that Jeannot was picking up her younger children from her daughters house after her and her husband had finished up a date night when the attacker ran up and pulled her from her car. Jeannot fought with him and was joined by her son in law in struggling with him before he was able to get in the car speeding away in reverse running over her and dragging her son in law in the street. Jeannot died from her injuries and her son in law was knocked unconscious and suffered bleeding on the brain. Tragically, the murder was witnessed by Plessy`s 12 year old daughter. Online records show that 17-year-old Jontrell Robinson and 18-year-old Edwin Cottrel were charged with second-degree murder, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and carjacking. A juvenile was also arrested.

Similarly, we reported a deadly carjacking in which 2 black teens were charged with killing a 75 year old white woman, as well as one in which 3 black teens attacked a 78 year old man and beat him during a carjacking last month. There are plenty more of these stories, yet despite these horrific attacks, national media has ignored them, choosing instead to report non stop on the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville from over a year ago where she was killed after a car drove into a crowd of protestors. Anyone who can see through the pysop that is mass media knows that this is being done in an effort to condemn white identity activists, while noting that there is no coordinated national outcry about black teens who regularly commit violent car jackings that have even led to murder. While focusing on one singular incident committed by a “F*cking white male!” and ignoring the reality of what happens everyday in major cities, it leaves no question that mass media is trying to manipulate you. On this subject, I did a podcast this past week on how mass media and the left use emotion to manipulate in order to promote their agenda. You can listen to it here.

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