Another Transgendered Goes On A Violent Rampage

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I`m sure by now everyone has seen the video of the transgender who went on a violent rampage in a Game Stop after being called sir, his biological pronoun. If you haven`t seen it, it`s posted below. The radical left and those who base their opinions on emotion over reality will say he is justified in his violent outburst. A more rational person would say that this is indicative of mental instability.

Due to “political correctness”, there has been an under reported trend of violence and suicide that exists in the transgendered community. One of those cases involves Andrew Balcer who at the age of 17 was going through the process to become a woman and said he just “snapped”. He recently plead guilty and was sentenced to 40 years for stabbing and killing not only his parents but the family dog. His mother was stabbed 9 times while his father was stabbed 12. In his call to 911 afterwards he said “I took my Ka-Bar (knife) and drove it straight into my mother’s back,’” and that “My father came up because he heard her screams and I stabbed the f**k out of him.”

Another case involves 26 year old Snochia Moseley who was a woman pretending to be a man. She went on a shooting spree at the Rite Aid distribution plant when worked at in Aberdeen, Maryland back in September. She killed 3 people before killing herself. No motive was uncovered but a friend of hers said she believed it was “emotional distress”. 

These types of violent outrages are indicative of the emotional / mental disconnect among the transgendered community. While mass media and the radical left keep pretending that this is a normal lifestyle, studies have shown otherwise. Among other things, the suicide rate is much higher in the transgendered community than in other demographics. This is tried to be explained away by the radical left, blaming the suicides on societies discrimination towards them, but this however is not a scientifically just theory. Among other things, an article from The Federalist titled “The Transgender Suicide Rate Isn’t Due To Discrimination” goes into this theory, pointing out that if this were the case the black community would have much higher suicide rates than they do. The entire article is posted here, but an excerpt is below:

There are two problems with this theory. The first is that it utterly ignores the most salient feature of transgender individuals: that they are mentally ill and need serious treatment. This is not a moral or ethical judgment. It is, rather, a fact. Individuals who believe they are a different sex than that of their biology are psychologically ill—self-evidently so—and one would quite reasonably expect a higher suicide rate from a portion of the population that suffers from so significant a mental illness (particularly a mental illness it is fashionable to indulge rather than treat).

The second problem is that the discrimination theory of suicide does not hold up when compared to other minority groups who suffer disproportionate real and perceived amounts of bigotry and negative discrimination. The Centers for Disease Control’s numbers on suicide indicate that the highest rates of suicide over the past 15 years or so belong to…white people. In contrast, in most of the years surveyed black people had the lowest suicide rate among all ethnicities. White suicide actually rose in the period 2000-2014.

Just like the body positivity movement that encourages obese women to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle, the left continues to ignore the damaging aspects of lifestyles they push. As always, they base everything on emotion instead of reality. The reality is that there are people in the world who are genuinely sick and in need of mental help and it needs to be addressed honestly instead of being made fashionable.



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