Another Anti Trumper Wants Americans Bankrupt & Financially Ruined Because He Opposes Trump

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Trump derangement syndrome truly is a mental disease. After the stock market had it`s worse Christmas Eve ever, it bounced back to make the single biggest gain in stock market history. You`d think that after the recession just a few years ago in which many Americans lost everything that they`d be thankful for this dramatic turn around, but that`s not the case. Just like Bill Maher, another anti Trumper has stated his desire for Americans to go bankrupt and financially ruined just because he opposes President Trump.  As we stated in the Bill Maher post:

…the last President stacked on regulation after regulation hurting and killing businesses, then declared in his magic wand speech that the jobs that left were not coming back. On top of this he did his best to ruin Americans financially with his socialist policies, most notably a tax in the form of Obamacare. Despite this America did manage to scratch and claw it`s way out of the 2008 recession. You remember that recession, where the economy crashed, and people lost their businesses and homes. That was kicked off by the failure of Bill Clinton`s Community Reinvestment Act- another democrat socialist policy. Anyway, Bill Maher wants to take us back to that recession. Forget the current record low unemployment numbers for all Americans including blacks and Latinos, the record gdp and stock market growth, the highest consumer confidence in 18 years, the deregulations that have allowed businesses to grow, the tax cuts, and so on and so on. Bill Maher (who is worth millions himself) wants to take all of that away and leave Americans suffering and bankrupt under another recession just because he opposes President Trump. Unsurprisingly, this is the mentality most democrats and leftists in general have. It shows they do not care about Americans of any color or background. They only care about being in power.

While Bill Maher may be worth millions, you`d be surprised how many on the left who aren`t are hoping for a repeat of the recession. These people are truly insane.


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