Somali Mob Attack On LEO Appreciation Night At Valleyfair Amusement Park. National Media Silent

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Mass media has done it`s best to not only cover up a violent attack at the ValleyFair Amusement Park in Minnesota, but they are also denying that a mob of Somalis were the cause of it. This attack has been so under reported that we here are just hearing of it even though it happened over a month ago. It took place on September 22, the opening night for Valleyfair Amusement Park`s seasonal Halloween celebration. Witnesses said between 60-100 Somali teenagers rushed the security at the entrance and proceeded to start fights and attack people inside the park including knocking over children, causing it to be shut down early. The attack also happened to take place on Law Enforcement Appreciation Night which leads to the idea that this was previously planned attack on law enforcement.

Not only was this not reported nationally, but even the local media did it`s best to downplay the near riot, calling it an “incident’ on many of their outlets. It is speculated that this “incident” was being downplayed as to not give the Somali community a bad name and affect the upcoming elections in which Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar among other were running. Ellison did go on to win despite #MeToo accusations of violent physical abuse against him, and Omar won making her the first Muslim woman elected to congress. It should be noted that Minnesota currently has the largest population of Somali`s in the United States, and it`s been reported that Ellison wants to flood Minnesota with 110,000 more refugees next year. In Ilhan`s case, PJ Media states that 105 articles cover her “historic win”, while none address her defense of antisemitic statements, her alleged campaign finance violations, or evidence that suggests she married her own brother in an immigration and financial scheme.





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